Variable Font (Glyphs)

Skill Workshop with Céline Odermatt


Sunday, October 8, 23 / 1 - 5 PM


Fachklasse Grafik Luzern, Spinnereistrasse 5, Emmen



During the four-hour Skills Workshops, participants have the opportunity to strengthen and expand their design skills, regardless of their level of experience – whether they are beginners or experienced professionals.

The introduction of variable fonts has revolutionized typeface design and typography. In a single digital font, multiple font styles can be bundled and interpolated with each other. Participants will learn the exact workings of this in the workshop afternoon. In addition to an introduction to the topic of «Variable Fonts», participants will have the opportunity to create their own variable font and animate it using CSS.

A prerequisite for participation in the course is that participants have installed the Glyphs APP editor on their own computer (a trial version is also acceptable) and possess basic proficiency in using it.


Céline Odermatt completed her Master's degree in Type Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2019. Under the guidance of Erik van Blokland, she crafted a variable typeface within a tetrahedral design space for her MA thesis, exploring the impact of different pen angles on the construction of a sans-serif typeface. Prior to this, in 2013, she earned her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at the University of Lucerne. Her focus at that time was on phonetic representation of Swiss German dialect using the Latin phonetic alphabet, leading to the development of new letterforms. Between her academic pursuits, Céline Odermatt embarked on several international journeys to cities like Berlin, Paris, and London, where she gained practical experience in type design through positions at FontShop International, Production Type, and Dalton Maag.

Currently, Céline Odermatt works as an independent graphic designer in Zurich. She also serves as a guest lecturer in type design at the University of Lucerne and holds the position of production manager at the type foundry Lineto in Zurich.

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Fachklasse Grafik Luzern

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