The Neubad Plakat

A Contemporary Design Phenomenon


sic! Elephanthouse, Neustadtstrasse 14

Opening hours

noon - 6pm


Festival ticket or single entry (CHF 5.–)


Following the introduction of the 100 best posters: Erich Brechbühl (Co-editor)

This exhibition features over 100 impressive black-and-white posters created by more than 100 international artists for the Lucerne Neubad Cultural Center over the past decade.

The Lucerne Culture and Studio Venue Neubad is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Over the course of this entire decade, an impressive collection of black-and-white posters has accumulated, reflecting in many ways the diversity and distinctive character of Neubad, as well as the artistry of black-and-white poster design.

From the smell of chlorine to printer's ink; Neubad is not just a cultural hub for the Lucerne metropolitan region but also enjoys a significant level of recognition in the graphic design community, thanks to its minimalist and distinctive corporate identity. These black-and-white artworks are renowned worldwide, and over the years, more than a hundred different designers have crafted nearly 600 posters for Neubad, including some highly esteemed award winners. This year, the collection has been published in the book «The Neubad Poster». As part of the Weltformat Festival, more than a hundred of these posters will be showcased at the Elephanthouse in Lucerne.


Erich Brechbühl (Luzern), Fons Hickmann (Berlin), Lea Hinrichs (Berlin), Sam Steiner (Luzern), Sven Lindhorst-Emme (Berlin)

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