Lost Pitches

Second chance


Kunsthalle, im Kabinett (UG)

Opening hours

noon - 6pm


Festival ticket or single entry (CHF 5.–)

Lost Pitches; they underscore the value of competition and advocate for destigmatizing failure. The Lost Pitches exhibition showcases an alternate world of works that never made it to the public eye and invites you to take a glimpse into design concepts from renowned studios.

In the creative industry, lost pitches are an experience that nearly all entrepreneurs, designers, or artists will go through at some point. While winning a pitch undoubtedly provides a gratifying sense of appreciation and success, lost pitches should by no means be seen as failures. It is in the very works that didn't quite make it to the top rung of the ladder that insights are due. With the recognition they deserve, they invite a wealth of interesting perspectives and discussions.


Studio Mut (Bozen), Götz Gramlich (Heidelberg), Baldinger Vu-Huu (Paris), Fons Hickmann M23 (Berlin), Thonik (Amsterdam), Jiri Oplatek (Claudiabasel, Basel), Offshore Studios (Zürich), Eike König (Berlin), Tristesse (Basel), Raffinerie (Zürich), Johnson/Kingston (Bern/Luzern), Ortner etc. (Linz), Balmer Hählen (Lausanne), Erich Brechbühl & Felix Pfäffli & Michael Kryenbühl (Luzern), Ariane Spanier Design(Berlin), Maximage (Lausanne), N&MS (Stuttgart/ Barcelona), Neo Neo (Genève), Studio Tillack Knöll (Stuttgart), Europium (Paris), Spassky Fischer (Paris), My Name is Wendy (Paris)

Printing partner

Multi Reflex

Curation and Scenography

Erich Brechbühl

Jasmina Zarlenga