We like to move it

Main exhibition 2022

Opening hours

noon - 6pm


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Opening event

October 8. at 4:30pm

Every graphic is limited to it's printed surface. Only in combination with a timeline does this allow for an almost endless enlargement of space with a lot of potential for more content, emotions, attention and skillful steering of the eye via the design - motion design. This core message is evident in the main exhibition We like to move it, which can be seen at the Kunsthalle in the Bourbaki.

Animated details can elicit emotions that would otherwise not arise from a static image. Movement also provides space for more information. Elements are able to disappear and others can appear. Details are emphasized by magnification, as the eye moves from the large to the small, the use of motion design making it easier to guide the audience. What moves, modifies or flashes attracts attention. With static graphics, on the other hand, these possibilities do not exist.

Thus, the festival offers inspiration for graphic designers, highlighting possibilities for students, animated design as an identity feature for companies and their corporate design, or original works of art for those interested.

Curation/ Scenography

Josh Schaub (Zurich)


October 14, 6pm (DIA Studio, New York)

At: Hochschule Luzern Design und Kunst, Kino Rex

Admission free, reservation recommended (event@weltform.at)

Guided tours for groups, schools and companies

bookable via josh@weltform.at

Public Transport

Bus no. 1 and 19 until station Löwenplatz