Titles in Motion


Kunsthalle, im Kabinett (UG), Löwenplatz 11

Opening hours

noon - 6pm


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With the exhibition Titles in Motion, Weltformat presents a flashback in motion design by means of the opening and end credits.

Stay seated!

Although moving graphics have become widespread due to the growth of digital editing and playback capabilities, the tradition is much older. Visitors are invited to take a look at the creative aspects of film production. At the same time, the journey into the past illustrates the diverse skills required of graphic artists nowadays.

The curator Florian Krautkrämer is a professor at the Lucerne School of Design & Art. He wrote his dissertation on the topic of Type in Film (Schrift im Film) and has given numerous lectures in Switzerland and abroad on the subject of opening credits design.


Florian Krautkrämer (Luzern/Freiburg i. Br.)

After Work Talk

October 12, 6pm (Florian Krautkrämer)

At: Hochschule Luzern Design und Kunst, Kino Rex

Admission free, limited number of seats

Reservations recommended: event@weltform.at

Public Transport

Bus no. 1 and 19 until station Löwenplatz