Newcomer Award


Luzerner Kantonalbank, courtyard, Pilatusstr. 12



Award ceremony

Octobre 8, from 18 Uhr at Kornschütte, Kornmarkt 3

This year, around 700 visual interpretations of the theme Speed reached the jury of Weltformat Newcomer Award. The twenty most exciting works will be presented in an exhibition.

This year, the young graphic designers were faced with the challenge of presenting the topic of Speed on a static poster. Especially in this day and age, analog design needs persuasivepower to be seen alongside digital forms of expression. 

Worldwide, 700 people under theage of 30 submitted their creations to participate in the Newcomer Award. The different methods and techniques applied show the diverse approaches of a young generation of visual designers. All twenty works selected by the jury are on display at Luzerner Kantonalbank.

The winners of 2022

Manuel Bauer's poster "Speed in Everyday Life" depicts a washing machine in an unusual way. With just a washing machine, a dark background, and a clear message about efficiency and swiftness, Bauer's design perfectly captures the theme of speed in modern life. Aurore Huberty's poster "M. Horse Race Balloon" features a balloon in the shape of a horse soaring through the sky. The poster's unusual combination of elements creates a surreal atmosphere that captures the imagination. The audience was captivated by the creativity and visual impact of the poster, which earned Huberty the Audience Award. The poster is a testament to the importance of experimentation and taking risks in graphic design to create something truly unique and memorable.

Winner Weltformat Newcomer Award 2022, Juryprice
Manuel Bauer (Markgröningen)
Winner Weltformat Newcomer Award 2022, Audience Award
Aurore Huberty (Lausanne)

Weplaydesign (Lausanne), Dorothee Dähler (Zurich) and Alessio Borrando (Lucerne)


APG|SGA, JCM Werbedruck AG, Grilli Type and Luzerner Kantonalbank

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