Move it!


Bourbaki Mall, Löwenplatz 11



Opening hours

noon - 6pm

Seven renowned motion designers show how a standard template with a white background and black text can be turned into an eye-catcher.

They were given the raw festival poster and the task of setting it in motion based on the theme Never Not Moving. Their works prove to reach an exciting range from analog frame-by-frame animations to generative implementations.

By means of recorded ePanels from APG|SGA, the animated works of the graphic artists from allover the world were distributed in Switzerland and also present as an exhibition under the name Move it! in the Bourbaki Mall.

Design studios

Everyday Practice (Seoul), Gianluca Alla (London), Laia Ferran from Hey Studio (Barcelona), Ira Ivanova (Berlin), Lucas Hesse (Hamburg), Felix Pfäffli from Studio Feixen (Lucerne) and Roy Terhorst from Thonik (Amsterdam)


Josh Schaub (Zurich), Erich Brechbühl (Lucerne) and Felix Pfäffli (Lucerne)


Bourbaki, APG|SGA

Public Transport

Bus no. 1 and 19 until station Löwenplatz

Lucas Hesse (Hamburg)

Ira Ivanova (Berlin)

Everyday Practice (Seoul)

Roy Terhorst von Studiothonik (Amsterdam)

Gianluca Alla (London)

Laia Ferran von Hey Studio (Barcelona)

Felix Pfäffli von Studio Feixen (Luzern)