Never Not Moving

Always in motion. With its theme, Weltformat takes up a central topic in design and spotlights it from various aspects. With the opening symposium, the Newcomer Award and lively exhibitions, the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival serves as a platform for exchange between graphic designers and a broad, interested public.

Superficially, it shows what moves the scene in 2022. This includes the demands on the repertoire of graphic designers. This has to be in sync with social and technological developments. An increasingly comprehensive spectrum of skills is thus inherent in this profession. In keeping with this, motion design as a significant form of design plays an important role at the nine-day event. In contrast to a static image, an animated production arouses emotions more quickly, attracts more attention and offers plenty of room for creative freedom.

The multifaceted exhibitions illustrate how moving graphic designs make the transition from art to practice. Visitors learn about different techniques and styles and experience a flashback to an era that reserved the use of motion graphics for film makers.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Weltformat team

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Compiled from the seven moving festival posters by Everyday Practice (Seoul), Gianluca Alla (London), Laia Ferran from Hey Studio (Barcelona), Ira Ivanova from Studio Yukiko (Berlin), Lucas Hesse (Hamburg), Felix Pfäffli from Studio Feixen (Luzern), Roy Terhorst from Thonik (Amsterdam)

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