Three-Day Workshop


11.–13.10.21 / 9am to 5pm


Fachklasse Grafik, Rössligasse 12


German / English

During the three-day workshops, participants work with renowned designers on their own projects and thus get to know new design approaches. In addition, the workshops offer participants the opportunity to get to know other graphic designers.

Would you like to get to know new design approaches, specific techniques and work intensively on your own projects for three days? This year’s workshop leaders will make you leave your comfort zone and show you new ways of designing. Playfully, they’ll broaden your horizon and challenge gridlocked patterns. You will work on your own designs and get profound feedback.

The workshop with Clément Rouzaud and Joshua Schenkel from Eurostandard revolves around the topic of millésime, or vintages. Millésime indicates the year of manufacture of certain products such as wines or spirits. The number has become a symbol for the distinct characteristics of that year’s products. Like popping a good vintage, browsing an old magazine can bring us back to a moment in time long past showcasing the distinct characteristics of a period in graphic design. Participants will get inspired by magazine ads of different time periods. They will copy, sample, mix and transform type and graphics to create their own millésime, a new time capsule for 2021.

Rouzaud's work is characterised by a clean aesthetic, the use of typography and strong colours. Schenkel is particularly interested in font systems and experiments with different techniques and font modifications.

Take the opportunity to meet designers from all over the world during the workshop and the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival. The workshops not only offer valuable inputs and inspiration for your own work but are also a chance to meet, exchange and network.    

Corona Protection Measures

All participants must present a Covid certificate that is valid for the entire duration of the workshop and an ID. Subject to changes due to the current situation.


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The three-day workshops cost CHF 120 for professionals and CHF 80 for students. The price includes a Weltformat Graphic Design Festival pass and the admission fee to the symposium with lectures on the Sunday before the beginning of the workshops. Members and sponsors get a 50% discount on the workshop tickets.


It is worth arriving on the day the festival opens – there will be introductions to the exhibitions and an opening party. On the Sunday before the workshops, designers will give an insight into their work at the symposium. The symposium is open to everyone, including those who are not participating in the workshops.


Fachklasse Grafik Luzern
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