Present Yourself!


Prior to the festival: Poster stands throughout Switzerland

During the festival: Festival center, Rössligasse 12


Sat 9.10.21 / 2.30pm

Opening hours

noon – 6pm

This year’s Weltformat Graphic Design Festival is handing over the design of its main poster to seven international design studios as an exploratory space for self-promotion. The seven posters will be on display throughout Switzerland and will announce this year’s theme and its designed identity. How do contemporary graphic designers choose to represent themselves? How is their identity reflected in the themes they select and the formal design decisions they make? Do the final designs relate back to the work they design for their clients?

The seven design studios have been chosen for their different approaches and work arrangements. It’s a mix of already and newly established studios, of designers who work in teams or by themselves, and who are active in Athens, Copenhagen, London, Seoul, New York, Stockholm, and Paris. Their work is characterized by distinctive styles and unconventional approaches and/or experiences in creating visual identities. For the festival, they were asked to design a poster that showcases their design practice. Whether they wanted to share more personal thoughts on what drives their style, display their professional skill set, or give an overview of their work, it was up to them to decide which aspects of their identity they wanted to focus on.

Already before the festival the seven posters make up a curated exhibition and will provide a first entry point to the festival’s theme. During the festival they will be shown in the festival center and will be accompanied by interviews in which the designers elaborate on their processes, styles, and approaches, as well as their personal interests in poster designs.

Curation & Scenography

Dorothee Dähler (Zurich), Stephanie Cuérel (Zurich)

Design studios

Actual Source (Provo, USA), Alexis Mark (Copenhagen), Europium (Paris), Johanna Burai (Stockholm, London), Moonsick Gang (Seoul), New Studio (New York, Lisbon, Athens), Zak Group mit Jim Joe (London)