Neubad Pool, Bireggstrasse 36


Sun 27.9.20 / 10am to 5pm

In this year's symposium, international designers will discuss the festival theme Not (Yet) Cancelled in two thematic blocks and contextualise their own projects and research interests.

Adapt and Extend: New Modes of Design

The panel Adapt and Extend: New Modes of Design examines how approaches, methods and techniques in design have changed in the face of the current circumstances. The ongoing crisis calls for unconventional solutions. What measures should designers take to design for new needs? What far-reaching effects do the current challenges have on their practice? What lasting consequences related to the profession of designers will there be due to the recent events? International guests will discuss these and further questions.


Adeline Mollard (Zurich) and Urs Lehni (Zurich)

Florian Jakober (Zurich)

Loraine Furter (Brussels)

Dealing with Power: Design and Systemic Change 

The panel Dealing with Power: Design and Systemic Change will address the need for systematic change in design and beyond. Designers have been dealing with issues that bring about sustainable social change – and they did even before recent events. What place and role should design take in our society? Should designers set an example with their work or even make political statements? What (positive) contribution can design make in our society?


Elsa Westreicher (Berlin) and Juan Pablo Garciá Sossa (Berlin)

Madeleine Morley (Berlin) – cancelled

Ruben Pater (Amsterdam)

Due to the current corona safety measures the symposium will take place at Neubad but will also be live streamed online on Zoom. Some of the guests cannot be present on site and will therefore participate digitally.

Notes on corona protection measures

The number of seats is limited. To avoid waiting times, we kindly ask you to enter your contact details in advance via With your personal QR code we can check you in quickly and easily anywhere.


Tickets are available at Neubad or online (limited number of seats). Tickets for the livestream are available online.

Organisation / Moderation

Miriam Koban (designer and design researcher, Zurich) and Jonas Berthod (designer, design researcher and lecturer, London)


Syndicom – Gewerkschaft Medien und Kommunikation