Exhibitions 2020

In what way does change and transformation affect graphic design? A question that was explored by some of the exhibitions of this year's festival edition. They presented photographic images taken during the lockdown in the flat of designer Nicolas Polli, focused on the often forgotten work of lithographers, displayed the works of graphic design legend Rosmarie Tissi, who has always remained true to herself, and paid tribute to the screen printing company Uldry.

HomeLife StillLife

Lithography Posters: All Eyes on a Forgotten Craft

Enjoy – Rosmarie Tissi

Serigraphy – The Art of Poster Printing

100 Best Posters 19 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Best Book Design from All Over the World 2020

Weltformat Newcomer Award

Fumetto Goes Weltformat: 10 Years of Ampel Magazine


Nemo Brigatti, Zurich