Film A New Page


Neubad Pool, Bireggstr. 36


Sat 3.10.20 / 8pm




German with English subtitles

Weltformat Graphic Design Festival screens the Swiss movie A New Page by Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf from 1987.

The film traces the change-over of a local newspaper from the use of traditional linotype composition to "cold type", computer typesetting. The film revolves around two of the typesetters. Through them, the viewer understands what it means when a respected profession suddenly becomes useless and a whole new trade must be learnt. Akeret AG, a company based in Bassersdorf employing these typesetters, was completely computerised at the end of 1985. Shortly afterwards, the then Australian newspaper czar Rupert Murdoch fired 5600 printers and typesetters in London because they were striking against the introduction of the new printing technology.

The deployment of computers and what this means for mankind is nowhere as visible and evident as in the printing trade. The changes in the daily life of those affected is radical. The effects of this depersonalisation of work cannot yet be foreseen.

«A New Page by Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf—one of my absolute favourite films! The documentary from 1987 traces the change from the mechanical hot metal age to the first generation of digital filmsetting. The technology, the printing presses, the workplaces, the company boss, the first computers, the hairstyles and fashion, the cigarettes, cars and information evenings with overhead projectors in the local pub: A documentary in a wonderful 80s style with film music by Bruno Spörri and at the typical pace of the time. No light fare – a Swiss film document with depth. I've probably watched this film ten times and almost have to cry every time in the final scene, if I didn't have to smirk anyway. Thank you for that, dear Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf!» Dafi Kühne, graphic designer and letterpress print maker
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