Not (Yet) Cancelled

Weltformat Magazine

What is the appropriate status of things that could not (yet) be fully realised? At what point does an object start to be really present? How many of the phenomena we take for granted essentially are precarious manifestations? How imminently is their existence threatened? How much ambiguity can reality accommodate?

The brand new Weltformat Magazine, published by Lucerne-based Präsens Editionen, discusses these and many more questions. It highlights various aspects of this year's festival theme Not (Yet) Cancelled and supplements the festival content but also acts as an independent publication.

With an essay by the Italian author Francesco Pacifico, an interview with Rosmarie Tissi, who designed this year’s festival poster, a roundtable with Jacques Uldry, Werner Röthlisberger and lithographer Thomi Wolfensberger and various other contributions. All contributions in English and German.

Presale: Präsens Editionen


CHF 15.– online at Präsens Editionen or directly at the festival


Raphael Schoen, Präsens Büro, and Laura Moor (Zurich)


Francesco Pacifico (Rome), Raphael Schoen (Zurich), Jonas Berthod (London), Anna Haas (Zurich) and Stephanie Cuérel (Zurich)


Dorothee Dähler (Zurich), Yeliz Secerli (New York) and Nicolas Polli (Lausanne)


Marc Schwegler and Remo Bitzi, staaacks Agentur für Kommunikationsmanagement (Lucerne)


N. Cyril Fischer