The Art of Poster Printing


Kunsthalle Luzern, Löwenplatz 11


Sat 26.9.20 / 1pm

Opening hours

noon – 6pm

The exhibition Serigraphy – The Art of Poster Printing pays tribute to the work of the screen printing company Uldry and presents posters from the studio's archive. The focus is on the diversity of the works and the unique printing technique.

The printing company Uldry was founded in 1964 by Noëlle and Albin Uldry and made a name for itself throughout Switzerland with high-quality screen printing posters. Since then, artists and cultural institutions as well as commercial customers have appreciated Uldry's high quality craftsmanship, but also the printer's eagerness to experiment and their unconventional approach. Uldry's screen printing know-how is unique. Today, the family business is run by Madeleine and Jacques Uldry. This year, however, Uldry is closing the screen printing branch of the company for ecological and economic reasons. However, the print shop doesn’t lack ideas and motivation for the future. With Jenna Uldry, the business will be handed over to the third generation in the next few years. 

The exhibition Serigraphy – The Art of Poster Printing now makes parts of Uldry's extensive silkscreen poster archive accessible – a treasure trove of unique prints that have shaped not only the graphic design scene but also the public space of the whole of Switzerland over the past decades. Screen-printed posters from the last two years are exhibited in chronological order. A stack of posters from the last twenty years, which cannot be hung due to limited space, shows that the exhibition could be continued almost indefinitely.

The aim of the exhibition is not to highlight and bring to the fore individual designs or designers, but to show the incredible variety of posters and the work of the screen printing company Uldry: The focus is on the unconventional approach towards the printing technology. Serigraphy – The Art of Poster Printing – an ode to screen printing and to Uldry.

Curation and scenography

Alice Kolb and Daniel Peter (Bern)


Martin Woodtli (Zürich)