HomeLife StillLife


Kapelle, Rössligasse 12


Sat 26.9.20 / 3.45pm

Opening hours

noon – 6pm

With HomeLife StillLife, photographer and graphic designer Nicolas Polli invited other creatives to photograph still lifes in their own homes during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform is not only a way to support the creative industry, but also a way to show that great projects can be realised with few resources and in times of restrictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced photographers all over the world to stay at home for several months and thus to cancel a large number of their professional engagements. Studios were closed in many places or difficult to access. In addition to major financial losses, the circumstances also brought about a creative crisis for many.

The freelance photographer and designer Nicolas Polli wanted to highlight the potential of the situation and launched the project HomeLife StillLife. He encouraged other photographers to take pictures of still lifes in their own four walls. Props: objects and products lying around the home.

The platform HomeLife StillLife is not only a way to support photographers but also a way to visualise that great projects can be realised with few resources. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that difficult circumstances can emerge any time. Also an accident, an illness, small budgets, a lack of suitable material or appropriate spaces can put obstacles in the way of creative minds. HomeLife StillLife proves, however: even with little, great things can be achieved! 

The exhibition HomeLife StillLife presents previously unpublished works that photographers realised within Nicolas Polli’s four walls. Especially for Weltformat Graphic Design Festival, Polli invited photographers to his home and asked them to use the objects in his apartment to photograph still lifes. Here, too, it becomes apparent that exciting works can be realised with simple means.

Curation & Scenography

Nicolas Polli (Brusino arsizio, Tessin)