10 Years of Ampel Magazine

Fumetto Goes Weltformat


Erfrischungsraum, Rössligasse 12


Sat 26.9.20 / 3.45pm

Opening hours

noon – 6pm

Together with Fumetto, Weltformat Graphic Design Festival celebrates the ten year anniversary of comic magazine Ampel. In the exhibition, the visitors themselves become protagonists of the anniversary double issue of the magazine and part of an intricate network of relationships and acquaintances.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the comic festival Fumetto could not take place this year – what a shame! Weltformat Graphic Design Festival hosts part of an exhibition originally planned for spring to mark the anniversary of the Lucerne comic magazine Ampel.

Ampel features classic comic formats, three-dimensional sculptures, huge wall paintings and site-specific installations. The magazine was founded as part of an illustration course at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Ten years and countless drawings later, Anja Wicki, Andreas Kiener and Luca Bartulović are still working together. The exciting and ever-expanding world of Ampel and the tenth anniversary of the magazine are now celebrated in an exhibition.

The basis of the exhibition are the Ampel issues No. 19 and 20, both of which question traditional gender roles and their manifestation in society. Ampel magazine No. 19 was designed by four female illustrators (Leonie Rösler, Eva Rust, Anna Sommer and Anja Wicki) and No. 20 by four male illustrators (Luca Bartulović, Daniel Bosshart, Matthias Gnehm and Andreas Kiener).


Ampel Magazine