Rosmarie Tissi


Sic! Elephanthouse, Neustadtstrasse 14


Sat 26.9.20 / 5.30pm

Opening hours

noon – 6pm

The exhibition Enjoy presents works and typefaces by graphic design legend Rosemarie Tissi, who designed this year's festival poster – an honour for Weltformat Graphic Design Festival! Tissi's works manifest her playful approach to typography, forms and colours.

Rosemarie Tissi has been working successfully as a graphic designer for around sixty years. As a woman, she was and still is a pioneer in the industry: she has seen many tendencies and new technologies come and go, has always reacted in a clever way, critically questioned trends and remained true to herself.

Rosmarie Tissi with Poster for Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo. 1998.
Photo: Bruno + Eric Bührer Fotografen BR, Schaffhausen
Awarded the Swiss Grand Prix Design, 2018. © BAK / Marc Asekhame

Enjoy shows the diversity of the designer's work. The exhibition features posters, objects and of course the typefaces that the she has designed. Characteristic for Tissi's work is, among other things, the way she connects form and content, but also her playful, sometimes humorous use of typography and colours. With her designs, Tissi expresses her enthusiasm and her joy in designing.

Tissi has made a name for herself as a poster and typeface designer and became known for her unique style. Despite her age, she doesn’t even think about quitting. Recently she designed the poster for Schaffhausen Jazz Festival and now the poster for this year's Weltformat Graphic Design Festival. The coronavirus pandemic has forced her to work almost exclusively from her studio. During this time, the graphic designer designed two new fonts – one of which was used for the festival poster.

Curation and scenography

Scarlett Bang (Zurich) and Elena Rast (Lucerne)


© BAK / Marc Asekhame