Jürg Lehni: Visual Programming with Paper.js

Evening Workshop


Thu 3.10.19 / 6pm




Modellierraum, Rössligasse 12

The Weltformat evening workshops, which take place for the first time this year, offer participants the opportunity to get to know certain design techniques. The short sessions offer insight into different methods and the possibility to experiment applying them.

During the Weltformat evening workshops, specific approaches and techniques will be presented to participants. Within a short time, designers will get to know new skills and their areas of application. The possibilities offered by these techniques will be demonstrated, as well as ways of incorporating them into one's own work.

Unpacking the anatomy of Bézier paths and vector geometry, artist and designer Jürg Lehni will teach participants how to use the Paper.js scripting framework to computationally work with two-dimensional graphics and build design tools that can be used both manually and procedurally. Paper.js is a vector graphics framework for JavaScript that its creators, Jürg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey, describe as “the Swiss army knife of vector graphics scripting.”

Launched as a browser-based successor to Lehni’s Scriptographer plugin and used for high-profile web projects by The New York Times, FourSquare and Google Creative Lab, Paper.js offers a unique approach to working with graphics that in the words of Zach Lieberman “feels like coding directly inside a vector graphics programme such as Adobe Illustrator.” After an introduction to the fundamentals of Bézier paths and vector geometry, participants will learn how to use the Paper.js vocabulary to create intuitive drawing tools that can be used manually while responding dynamically to velocity or direction. 

Requirements: Participants need a computer with any modern browser (supporting the Canvas object and EcmaScript 5). They are encouraged to experiment with Paper.js before the workshop.


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The workshop costs CHF 50 for professionals and CHF 30 for students.


Lucerne School of Art and Design