Workshops 2018

Three workshops took place in 2018; two Weltklasse workshops for young adults and one Welterbe workshop for children and teenagers. The works created during the three days show the versatility of young graphic designers and their eagerness to experiment.

The Weltklasse workshops are aimed at young graphic designers who would like to develop their own works in collaboration with renowned designers from all over the world. They learn new techniques and approaches and thus broaden their creative horizons.

Last year, the two Weltklasse workshops were led by design duo The Rodina from Amsterdam and designer Eike König from Berlin. The Rodina, consisting of Tereza and Vit Ruller and known for their cross-media approach as well as their colourful works at the border between art and graphic design, made participants think outside the box: collage-like posters, lots of colour and visual experiments were the result.

Eike König, graphic designer and founder and creative director of the collective HORT, used the three days with his protégés to set up an entire exhibition. He was so enthusiastic about the designs of the workshop participants that he made his exhibition space available for the works of the young designers.

The Welterbe workshop is aimed at youngsters who want to get to know various ways of visual communication. The goal is for them to develop their own visual language and to sharpen it using visuals and typography creating unique prints. Last year's participants, supported by workshop leaders Loana Boppart and Melanie Schaper from Studio Lametta, designed and printed their own posters.


Luis Hartl, Lucerne