Weltformat Newcomer Award 2018

Each year during the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival, the twenty posters nominated for the Weltformat Newcomer Award are presented in an exhibition. During the opening evening of last year’s festival, the winner of the award was announced: Kamila Jasińska from Poland.

Turning points, journeys with an indeterminate outcome, moments of uncertainty triggered by incisive events and defining experiences – whether political, socio-cultural or personal – 1230 visual interpretations of the festival theme Now What?! reached the jury in 2018. Students and young professionals from all over the world have visualised turning points, changes of direction and harbingers of new eras. From the submissions of the 630 participants, the twenty most exciting posters were presented in an exhibition.

The winning poster was designed by the Polish master student Kamila Jasińska. It shows a dog biting its own tail. "We constantly strive for goals and when we reach them, there is this moment of doubt, this ‘Now what?!'," says Kamila. "The hesitant pausing reminds me of the surprised, funny faces of dogs that finally manage to catch their own tail.” Josh Schaub, president of the jury of last year’s Weltformat Newcomer Award, was thrilled by the poster: "It's easy to understand and funny at the same time. What's exciting is that the illustration works very well as a graphic poster. And despite the many pencil strokes, the sketch is very precise – it's neither too much nor too little." The poster is completely hand-drawn – the use of the pencil underlines the dynamics of the captured moment.


Luis Hartl, Lucerne