Essence 19


Neubad Pool, Bireggstr. 36


Fri 4.10.19 / 6.30pm



This year, the Essence Graphic Design Award will be presented for the first time during the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival. The prize is awarded by SGV Schweizer Grafiker Verband.

Every two years, groundbreaking works and their creators are awarded the Essence Graphic Design Award. It is a seal of quality for outstanding design – recognised throughout Switzerland. From numerous submissions, 21 works have been nominated for the gold, silver and bronze awards. The winners will be announced during the award ceremony where this year's publication will be presented too.

With the Graphic Design Award Essence, SGV offers designers a national platform. The award also aims to stimulate the Swiss design scene.


Daniel Bieri, Lucia Frey, Selina Lang, Balz Lendorff, Lisa Leuch, Ralph Schraivogel, Thomas Wolfram and Roger Zürcher


SGV Schweizer Grafiker Verband