This Way!

Navigation Tools in Visual Communication


Heroes, Neustadtstr. 6


Sat 28.9.2019 / 5.30pm

The project This Way! examines the history and meaning of signposts and direction indicators. Historical developments as well as today’s ways of application are explored.

As a typefoundry, Threedotstype  are obsessed with arrows – all their fonts contain additional sets of navigation symbols. This  inspired the studio to go beyond typography and put together a broader presentation. The arrow as a symbol has been used in different ways for centuries and has various connotations. Legend has it that the first arrow was used to mark the way to a brothel. Today, the arrow follows us for example as a cursor on the screen.

The arrow is primarily a direction indicator, but is also used as a killing tool and as part of Amor’s bow it’s a symbol of love. The exhibition This Way! explores the phenomenon of the arrow as a means of visual communication that permeates our everyday lives and analyses its complex symbolism. It takes visitors on a journey into the world of signposts – from the beginnings of visual communication to today’s applications. The aim is to show the historical background of arrows and to illuminate the fascinating symbol from different angles.


Marian Misiak, Threedotstype (Wrocław)


Sümeyye and Frederic Gmeiner (Berlin)

Support (Poland)