Letterpress Posters


Kunsthalle, Löwenplatz 11


Introduction and live printing with Dafi Kühne Sat 28.9.19 / 1pm


Evening workshop with Dafi Kühne and Anna Haas, Tue 1.10.19 / 6pm

The exhibition Letterpress Posters examines how graphic designers apply the traditional technique of letterpress printing today. Projects from Switzerland and abroad show the surprising visual results that emerge.

Today, letterpress printing in the traditional sense – the use of printing ink with manual typesetting, line casting, wooden letters and handmade linocuts – is hardly applied commercially any more. The elaborate printing technique, however, offers plenty of scope for new interpretations and is therefore rediscovered by designers worldwide. Especially in combination with digital production instruments, letterpress allows the exploration of visual experiments and often leads to surprising results. The Swiss poster designer and book printer Dafi Kühne presents a selection of exciting projects from Switzerland and abroad to show how the technology is adapted and applied in the digital age.


Dafi Kühne (Zurich / Glarus)


Wanja Manzardo (Lucerne)