Tools & Rules

This year’s theme of Weltformat Graphic Design Festival is Tools & Rules. In addition to current trends, socio-economic tendencies and personal preferences, the tools graphic artists choose to work with ultimately shape their designs. Technical innovations are a driving force behind graphic design and have a significant influence on the form and function of visual solutions.

This year’s festival edition examines the wide range of traditional and contemporary tools used today. The exhibition Designing Tools presents projects for which special instruments and devices had been developed, Pre-digital takes a look at the era before digital processes took over the design scene and Letterpress Posters shows how traditional letterpress printing is applied in the digital age. Another highlight is the exhibition Best Book Design from All Over the World, a competition organised and realised by Stiftung Buchkunst Leipzig, which is shown in Switzerland for the first time.

At the symposium, this year’s workshop leaders Ines Cox, Anja Kaiser, Dinamo and Ted Davis, together with designers from all over the world, will examine the topic of Tools & Rules as well as give an insight into their work.

And once again this year, the Weltformat app plays a crucial role: it not only provides background information and serves as a festival guide – the app complements the festival poster designed by Maximage and turns the public space into a projection surface for typography. The app is available here.

We are looking forward to the festival!

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