Exhibitions 2018

In 2018, the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival presented a total of eleven exhibitions – from new tendencies in the Swiss graphic design scene to current Chinese book design and the future of the moving poster. The festival theme Now What?! accompanied visitors through all the presentations.

Swiss Style Now

In the exhibition Swiss Style Now, works by Swiss designers and graphic design studios from the past ten years were presented. Around sixty years after the triumph of Swiss Style, the exhibition raised questions about national design tendencies and the current approach of the local scene.

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Character Roots

Character Roots was dedicated to the graphic design scene from Prague, highlighting the strong interest for typography in contemporary Czech design. In the exhibition, current works were compared to designs of previous generations.

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The Rodina

The Chamber of Transformation, an installation developed for The Palace of Typographic Masonry by the design duo The Rodina from Amsterdam, was dedicated to playfulness and the experimentation with action elements within graphic design. The exhibition focused on performance, participation and motion.

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Eike König

Eike König's seemingly minimalist exhibition Context Is Everything gave way to the works developed by the participants of his workshop. He was so excited about the designs of his protégés that he made his exhibition space available to them.

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Ludovic Balland

The designer of this year's festival poster, Ludovic Balland, also created an exhibition for the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival. Rather than a retrospective of his previous work the designer instead presented a sound installation; the phrases he quoted for the festival poster were read to the visitors.

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The Moving Poster #3

For the third exhibition in the series The Moving Poster, designer Josh Schaub discussed the medium, the seemingly endless possibilities it offers, its special features, technical development and future with renowned designers and theoreticians. With the help of the Weltformat festival app, visitors were able to listen to the conversations.

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Delusions and Errors

The exhibition Delusions and Errors opened a door to the world of design from the Middle East and North Africa. Current works by twenty-eight designers, illustrators and typographers offered insights into their personal lives as well as the current political and social situation in their home countries.

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Swiss Style Then

The virtual exhibition Swiss Style Then could only be "visited" with the help of the Weltformat festival app; posters of Swiss design icons from the 50s and 60s were brought back to life. Thanks to the app, users can still view the exhibition worldwide – the app can be downloaded here.

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Chinese Binding

The exhibition Chinese Binding showed how young designers in China skillfully combine contemporary aesthetics and centuries-old craftsmanship as well as progressive technologies and how the fusion of traditional methods and modern means results in unmistakable works. The different approaches were a proof of the impressive diversity of current book design in China.

100 Best Posters 17

The exhibition 100 Best Posters showed the most exciting posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The winners were selected from a competition and represent the creative exploration of the poster as a medium and the versatile work of the graphic scene from German-speaking countries.

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Luis Hartl, Lucerne