The Moving Poster #3


Neubad, Bireggstr. 3



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For the third time, graphic designer Josh Schaub curates an exhibition on the moving poster. The first two shows in the series – a survey of the diversity of the medium and a translation of static posters into moving visuals – are now followed by a look ahead into the future.

In 2016, the exhibition Das bewegte Plakat #1 explored the many possibilities offered by this new medium. In 2017, static posters were translated into moving visuals with Das bewegte Poster #2. For the third edition of the exhibition series, graphic designer Josh Schaub has exchanged ideas with other designers about the future of moving posters and presents the results of the discussions.

The panels centred around the questions of whether moving posters are needed at all, which approaches work best and what the future of the medium could look like. Who benefits most from the new possibilities and seemingly boundless gimmicks – the designer, the client or the user? Is the moving poster only a short-term trend or the obvious further development of the static poster? Has the potential been fully exploited – what about interactive moving posters? What distinct features are lost when translating static posters into moving ones and how far can designers go without diluting the strengths of the poster and its impact? And at what point is a poster no longer a poster? The exhibition Das bewegte Plakat #3 presents answers and food for thought to these and many more questions.


Josh Schaub (Zurich)


Bettina Richter, Curator Poster Collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich;

Jiri Oplatek of Claudiabasel (Basel);

Felix Pfäffli of Studio Feixen (Lucerne);

Götz Gramlich (Heidelberg);

Mario Siano, Co-owner of the company Advertima with focus on interactive communication (St.Gallen);

Dirk Koy, Professor in Time Based Media at the HGK Basel and designer with focus on moving image (Münchenstein)

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