Weltformat is celebrating its 10th anniversary! A milestone that invites to look back and into the future – and which comes along with some innovations; the poster festival has become a graphic design festival with a new visual appearance and its own festival app, that accompanies visitors through the exhibitions. Another novelty: the festival-spanning theme. We ask ourselves Now What?! and are interested in the presence, the past, turning points and outlooks.

This year's highlights include Swiss Style Now  – an overview of current graphics from Switzerland –, Delusions and Errors with works from the Middle East and North Africa, Character Roots on Czech designers' use of typography, the continuation of the series The Moving Poster and the exhibition Chinese Binding, which shows editorial design from China.

At the Symposium  workshop leaders The Rodina and Eike König as well as other international designers will give an insight into their careers. One of them is Ludovic Balland, the designer of this year’s festival poster. His concept of Poster-Talks sheds light on the role of the poster as an urban protagonist and communicator. For the festival Balland has created 217 unique designs. The first one is now shown on the front page of this website, the remaining 216 posters will be presented all over Switzerland from September 10th. So keep your eyes open!

We are looking forward to the festival!

The Weltformat team