Kino Xenix

Posters from 1981 to 2015

Galerie Neusicht at Neubad, Bireggstrasse 36

The importance of the cinema Xenix in Zurich as a venue of independent and dedicated films is unique far beyond the border of the Zurich cultural landscape. Like the cinema programmes, the posters which have been developed for film series and retrospectives since 1981, are equally unusual and non-conformist. Meanwhile, more than 300 posters from 120 designers, which sometimes are interpretations, sometimes political statements or sometimes just for the sense of beauty, have been printed.

“the Xenix posters dance in comparison to conventional film posters from the series. They could not be any more different. Essentially, for them it is all about the authors’ posters.” Niklaus Troxler

The exhibition brings together highlights from the Xenix poster history spanning 30 years which completely document the programme work of the film club impressively and are now a part of design history themselves.

Cornelia Diethelm, Sabina Albanese (Zurich)