Gestalter des Festivalplakats 2014

Erfrischungsraum, Rössligasse 12

Grilli is a collective founded in 2009 by Swiss designers whose goal is to provide a suitable platform for their creations. It is under the label Edition Grilli ou Grilli Type that the authors’ projects are realized in particular.

Under the name Grilli Type, Grilli creates and markets typefaces. The typographies comply with a current interpretation of the creation of Swiss typography. This position appears in the visual and technical standards of typography selections. Today, four typographic families are commercialized, but there are many other projects that are not yet available on the market.

The small publishing house of Edition Grilli writes, creates and produces exclusive books in small runs, entirely laid out in Grilli typography. The creative design of the books constitutes an important link. Whether in linguistic or pictorial form, they revolve around graphic, literary and artistic questions, always aware that this approach raises questions about the form and concept.

When drawing typography, Grilli seeks, amongst other ways, to get a vivid expression of the reduced forms. What the typography communicates and the character it has are at the centre of the Grilli Type Specimen poster series. Each A2 poster, printed on both sides, shows an image without typography on the front and has one of the typography on the back. This does not appear as a technical tool, but rather as a visual world.