The specialty course in Graphics Design is actually a talent pool with international appeal for young poster designers. The success of the school and its graduates is attributed to the consistent implementation of its dual teaching approach: the school provides not only the theoretical tools and craft skills, but also enables the development and design of posters in close collaboration with real customers. Unlike notional training jobs, students learn right from the outset to deal with the demands of real clients and any associated problems. This practical-orientated way of working also includes cooperation, which is not always easy, with other service providers in the production of a poster (printing house, billposters, copywriter etc.) 

The exhibition in the school chapel in Rössligasse looks back at the poster work of the specialty course in Graphic Design. Works designed for clients such as the Langnau Jazz Nights, the Jazz Department with their graduate concerts, the APG|SGA Denkzettel - eng of year action plan, the charity Winterhilfe or Lake Lucerne Landscape Protection Association are on display.