Many say that collectors are bonkers. And I thought I was a madman. Yet I was rewarded again and again, as I have had the opportunity to meet crazier specimens on my journey so far. I have been able to meet some extremely interesting and likeable people with whom I can exchange ideas intensively – sometimes even with posters. What made me happy after a long process was the gradual development of the subject. Now for over ten years, my passion has been: typographically-designed black and white posters! This subject poses a major challenge – due to the marked reduction of funds – for any designer. What gives me great pleasure as a collector – in addition to the extensive research process – is personally collecting the posters from the designers, their owners. It is not unusual that the X factor comes into play: the unexpected, without which I would have never become acquainted with so many posters. From the unexpected, I draw on my motivation, creating new impetus time and time again. With the first exhibition in Lucerne, my posters finally get to see the light of day and fresh air – to where they belong! A nice side effect: I, myself, get to see part of my collection at a glance for the first time – my absolute favourite one hundred motives!